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From Kiril Stankov <>
Subject Re: Backup best practices
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2016 21:30:25 GMT

What I do is having a replication to a backup CouchDB instance.
I also have some scripts, which simply stop the backup CouchDB instance,
then copy the files to another volume and then restart CouchDB.
Worked as a charm for an year now and tested for restore, even thought
not on a different OS.

*With best regards,*
Kiril Stankov,

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On 11.10.2016 г. 13:18, Jan Lehnardt wrote:
> One addition, if you have views, copy the corresponding .view files first, then the .couch
> If you do it the other way around, the restore will have to rebuild the view files from
> Best
> Jan
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>> On 11 Oct 2016, at 07:42, wrote:
>> David,
>> we use a simple file copy procedure to backup our couch db from our production servers.
>> Restoring by simply copying the .couch file to another server or the origin machine
works without any troubles ... unless if we take the .couch file to a Windows machine (our
production environment is Ubuntu Linux). The windows boxes cannot finde some of the documents
in such restored backups.
>> I got the hint on this list to always stop couch in the Windows services panel before
copying the file onto the machine. Since this wasn't too long ago, I cannot tell you if it
really solves that problem reliably or not. It seems couch prefers replication as a reliable
backup strategy, but that doesn't fit for all situations. If you simply want to store a file
on some backup medium, this can be complicated (firewalls, executables on backup target environment
>> So I am eager to read all the answers to your question as well, because we need a
reliable way to store plain files (not a second couch machine) - especially for long term
archives (10+ years).
>> Joachim
>> Am 10.10.16 um 16:57 schrieb David Gubler:
>>> Hi list,
>>> I'm currently implementing CouchDB backup for one of our customers. The
>>> backup should be generic, i.e. not tied to the needs of that specific
>>> customer.
>>> However, I can't find any consensus on how to properly implement backup
>>> for CouchDB.
>>> System: Ubuntu 16.04 with CouchDB 1.6.0, backup software is Burp.
>>> According to
>>> I can just copy the file from the running server. That should work with
>>> burp.
>>> However, other sources say that the backup will be much smaller if I
>>> dump each database. There's a bunch of tools to do this, ubuntu has the
>>> python-couchdb package (0.10-1.1) with the couchdb-dump and couchdb-load
>>> tools. As far as I understand it, the dump will not include some
>>> (meta)information about the documents, like old versions.
>>> Thus my main questions are:
>>> - Can the python-couchdb tools (couchdb-dump, couchdb-load) be relied
>>> upon as backup tools?
>>> - Are these tool fast enough for larger (several GB) data sets?
>>> - Are there realistic use cases in which these dumps are insufficient
>>> because they miss some (meta)data which was present in the original
>>> database?
>>> - Any experiences with backup software simply copying the database files?
>>> Thanks!
>>> Best regards,
>>> David
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