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From Andy Wenk <>
Subject Re: Using CouchDB to replace a traditional Oracle Relational Database Setup
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2016 08:14:47 GMT
Hi John,

welcome to the list and sorry for the late reply. I try to answer some of your questions.
Before, I would like to make sure, that I understand what you want to achieve. In the end,
it is quite simple:

You would like to create an application where the database is CouchDB. There are around 1.5
million documents (lines of data) with around 200 changes a day and 10000 new documents per

For CouchDB, this is not a problem at all. Please remember the following.

* CouchDB does not speak of lines of data but of documents. That means the 1.5 million lines
of data with 200-650 items per line would translate to 1.5 million documents with 200 - 650
key value pairs each
* the data are represented in the JSON format in the documents
* each document is schemaless
* there are no relations form document to document (you can add sth like this with a key like
“type” ore sth for sure - but that’s not the basic idea behind CouchDB)
* CouchDB has Fauxton as the administration tool
* CouchDB has a RESTful HTTP interface

How you build the application is free of choice (the frontend … EXT4JS e.g). A very good
start would be to have a look at hoodie (

I am not sure what you wanted to say with

>  - How long would it take an average programmer to set this up to get to
>   pretty much the level the Oracle DB is running now.(my estimate 3 years)

To set up an application in it’s basic form, I think it would take around one or two weeks.
But I did not understand exactly what you really want to built.

Don’t forget to have a look into the docs and the awesome blog:

I hope this gives a starting point.

All the best


Andy Wenk

Hamburg / Germany

GPG public key:

> On 01 Jun 2016, at 20:26, John Le Brasseur <> wrote:
> Hi.
> I know this group is for more technical questions but in the end, this is a
> very technical question.
> Unfortunately I am pretty much someone who copies and pastes to get stuff
> to work on my very beginner level.
> I have been playing with CouchDB on my home pc using data in my field of
> work. I am now retired.
> I first saw something about CouchDB in a 2011 YouTube video concerning the
> basic use of EXT4JS for developing stuff together with Couch.(I watched it
> earlier this year)
> A number of things stand out for me now that I have read, searched, and
> watched all the YouTube stuff I could find:
> (Excuse my poor terminology where applicable, I don't understand all the
> terminology)
> CouchDB:
>   - Pretty simple to understand.
>   - Pretty reliable.
>   - Replicates like a dream.
>   - A database can be split in pieces, with a user updating only his bit
>   and this syncs with the main DB I presume within hours.(Naturally depending
>   on volumes)
>   - Has a view system which I find usable. (I have some very useful views)
> Having said the above, I would have thought the whole world should be using
> it. I do actually think so.
> However if I read reports on this list, naturally the real world has
> situations one never thinks of.
> My envisaged (technical data) application would require absolute
> accuracy(Couch does that) and will not have a high volume of changes per
> day.
> Let us say 1,550,000 lines of data, with 200-650 items per line.
> lets say 200 item changes per day and 10000 new lines added per day.(Some
> older data is archived)
> My questions are:
>   - Does the above sound feasible?(Yes it does)
>   - What tools could be used to make a start with the design.(I have input
>   some data but on a bigger scale, one may need to decide 'how to do this',
>   and with what so that one starts on the right foot. The 2011 video I
>   mentioned above recommended using EXTJS as part of the picture. In other
>   words what would the users of this world do to design the above project? I
>   am sure there are relatively few best options. I don't mean 'Perl is better
>   than Python' kind of options but higher level options.
>   - How long would it take an average programmer to set this up to get to
>   pretty much the level the Oracle DB is running now.(my estimate 3 years)
>   - What would the chief attributes of the programmer have to be to do
>   this? (I don't see this as technically the most difficult programming in
>   the world)
>   - When do I start?
>   - Volunteers?
> Now even I am excited.
> --
> Regards,
> John Le Brasseur

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