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From Tito Ciuro <>
Subject Re: How do I secure the database so that only the admin can access it?
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2016 02:12:53 GMT
Hello again!

I believe I have figured it out. Turns out that the database contains a '_security' endpoint
where I can PUT the a document similar to the following one:

PUT /mydb/_security HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json
Content-Length: 121
Content-Type: application/json
Host: localhost:5984
    "admins": {
        "names": [
        "roles": [
    "members": {
        "names": [
        "roles": [

For reference, I found information here:

I realized that I *must* specify a user in the members.names section or else it'll be open
to non-auth'd users. Since I'm the admin and nobody else is supposed to access it, I suppose
that the above ACL is correct, right? It works well, so I assume this is the way to go. If
you have comments, please let me know.


-- Tito

On 27 Jul, 2016, at 06:02 PM, Tito Ciuro <> wrote:


I am trying to secure access to a database. From an HTTP request point of view, it's secure
and I know it's working because unit tests and curl commands fail when the wrong password
is used. I open Futon and sure enough, the lower-right corner confirms that I'm no longer
in admin party mode. I cannot create a new database and I cannot access the configuration,
which is expected. Great.

The problem is that any user can access the database I have created. Not only that, any user
can modify it as well! I even created a new account (Mac OS X), launched Safari and was allowed
to manipulate the database without any type of restriction.

Question: how do I secure the database so that only the admin can access it? Is there an ACL
somewhere I missed?


-- Tito
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