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From Bob Hathaway <>
Subject Re: CouchDB Filtered Replication - Group of Doc's Don't appear to be batched
Date Sat, 25 Jul 2015 02:50:46 GMT
Our couchdb replication runs fast without filters to a couch instance.  
But from that
couch instance to another a filter is doing a simple check and sync'ing 
about 10x slower.
Looking at couch debug logging, the bulk_docs Content-length is 10x 
smaller  with the filter.
With filter the _bulk_docs rate per minute appears identical to the 
number of docs sync'd.
Without the filter, the _bulk_docs rate per minute is 10x less than docs 

It would appear the couch replication protocol groups 10 docs in a 
_bulk_docs POST without a replication filter
but  with the filter there is no grouping and bulk_docs appears to only 
contain a single doc.

Does couchdb filter replication not group docs and send 1 doc in each 
_bulk_docs call to the target host?

Is there some configuration which would allow the filter replication to 
group docs to speed up replication?

Robert Hathaway
President & Chief Software Architect
SOA Object Systems, LLC
office:  201-408-5828
cell:    201-390-7602

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