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From Kiril Stankov <>
Subject A big Thumbs Up for CouchDB!
Date Fri, 24 Jul 2015 23:32:12 GMT
Hi all,

I am working on a pretty complex project for the last 7 months.
Since the beginning I was researching a lot what DB to use. NoSQL was 
obvious choice, but I wondered between several options, MongoDB and 
CouchDB being the obvious leaders.
Now, half an year later, I am very glad for choosing CouchDB!

It is an incredible product. Replication and views are the best 
features! My app is a distributed one and I use CouchDB for the back-end 
synchronization of data. My server is node.js and 'follow' gives me a 
perfect way to monitor for changes.

For now, CouchDB is very stable, fast and reliable. It is the heart of a 
complex solution and there are no bad surprises until now. Updates to 
the DB are very intensive and we have more than 1000 documents inserted 
per day. Replication works great across continents and two operating 
systems. HTTP API's make it so easy to monitor it and to offload part of 
the load from node.js and retrieve data directly from Couch. We do use a 
lot of List and Reduce functions to make life easier.

Another great think about Couch is the community. I found so many useful 
posts and articles. I got a lot of help from people on this list. Thank 

Well, there are still some issues, but there are not that important and 
I am sure they'll be solved soon. Unfortunately I didn't have the time 
to check v2.0, but I'll surely do so, once it is released officially.

Finally, a big THANK YOU to all developers and supporters of CouchDB. I 
think that with every open source project this is the least we, the 
users, can do to cheer up the people behind such a great software!

Regards and Relax,


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