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Subject Problem with GeoCouch integration on Windows
Date Mon, 16 Mar 2015 13:20:53 GMT
Hello everybody,

I am working with CouchDB 1.6.1 on Windows. For my software I need the  
GeoCouch integration. The problem is, there is no manual how to  
install GeoCouch on Windows. So I tried on my own.

For the GeoCouch integration you have to build CouchDB from source. I  
built it following the instructions from “dch /glazier” on github  
After building CouchDB I followed the instructions from GeoCouch  
( using Cygwin to get Linux  
functionalities. After all I had a CouchDB- and a GeoCouch build. For  
integrating the GeoCouch into CouchDB I copied the geocouch.ini file  
to the CouchDB folder “…\path-to-couchdb\etc\couchdb\default.d”.  
Additionally I set the ERL_FLAGS environment variable to the GeoCouch  
ebin folder.
After starting CouchDB everything works fine except for the spatial  
functions. All GeoCouch JavaScript tests running into an error: “httpd  
500 error response: {“error”:unknown_error”, “reason”:”undef”}”.

Does anybody know how to integrate GeoCouch into CouchDB on Windows or  
can someone tell me how to integrate additional modules into CouchDB?
For any help I am very grateful.

Best regards,

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