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From "Rohrdanz,Mary A" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Improved CouchDB logo / tagline / project name
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2014 16:35:54 GMT
I have no problems with the logo as is.

But no joke: I was using CouchDB for a few months before I realized it was
a man on a couch, and not a piece of abstract art. lolz.

On 10/28/14, 10:39 AM, "Miles Fidelman" <> wrote:

>Which suggests that the new logo should keep the couch, but replace the
>man with a cute animal - in keeping with open source tradition. :-)
>Cat, Koala, .. a few appropriate animals come to mind.
>Miles Fidelman
>Alexander Shorin wrote:
>> The "Time to Relax" is not only tagline, but also the goal to aim for.
>> If you are not relaxed with CouchDB, probably, you just doing
>> something wrong or should file an issue about (:
>> --
>> ,,,^..^,,,
>> On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 6:26 PM, Eric B <> wrote:
>>> On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 11:03 AM, Joan Touzet <>
>>>> A minority of individuals suggested that it may be time to change
>>>> the logo, the tagline and even the project name for various reasons.
>>>> If we're considering any of these steps, now would be the time to
>>>> figure that out -- prior to the impending 2.0 beta and release.
>>>> I'd like to steer discussion towards these points and away from
>>>> the topic of logo acceptability -- it's become clear to me that
>>>> there is no further useful discussion possible on that topic.
>>> As a fairly newcomer to CouchDB, I'd like to contribute by giving my
>>> viewpoint and insight into the discussion to date.   To be clear, I am
>>> personally offended  by the logo.  But to be entirely fair (and
>>> no one will take offense at this), I don't particularly care too much
>>> it either.  I don't make technical decisions based on graphics, but
>>> what the product provides.
>>> To that extent, I chose CouchDB due to its feature set, community, and
>>> platform availability.  I wanted something that I could use in a
>>> distributed manner without too much hassles.  CouchDB offered me a
>>> for this.  The fact that the tag line was "CouchDB and Relax" really
>>> nothing to me either.
>>> Coming from a RDBMS background, already moving to NoSQL has its
>>> in design and approach.  Using CouchDB as a persistence engine (and
>>>not an
>>> actual web-server) to a Java application means that it's HTTP API
>>> really impact me either (all access is wrapped in a library).
>>> So from my perspective, the tagline "...Relax..." isn't really even
>>> accurate.  If anything, CouchDB has less "standard" support in Java
>>> no Spring libraries, etc) and makes it less "relaxing" than something
>>> MongoDB which has a big Spring following.
>>> If the goal is to rethink the name/logo/tagline, then perhaps a more
>>> appropriate approach would be to target its feature set: (random
>>> purely to illustrate my point): "Easy NoSQL for the web" or
>>> NoSQL made simple" or something more directed.
>>> But the primary goal, I believe, is to first decide whether anything
>>> _needs_ to be changed.  As others have already mentioned, something
>>> always offend someone somewhere, in some different language or culture.
>>> That being said, the question should rather be if the
>>>product/community has
>>> outgrown the tagline, and if so, what a new tagline/name should be.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Eric

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