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From Ingo Radatz <>
Subject Re: Filtering Documents
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2014 12:09:10 GMT
Hi Troy,

me in the same situation has finally implemented the filtering at client-side (in that case
the browser). You haven't mentioned how our server-side filtering is used finally - so, take
that simply as another option you have.

Another option is to enable multirange-queries in the CouchDB. I know many people asking for
them and there is existing a plugin/patch for - but there ends my knowledge. Maybe someone
can help with a link.


On 13 Oct 2014, at 13:15, Troy Martin <> wrote:

> I've been using couchdb in a project of mine for awhile now with great success. I've
run into a problem though that I can't seem to solve with any level of efficiency. 
> I use couch to store workorder documents. I have a list page that outputs a list of workorders
along with 6 workorder fields that the user can filter the list on. For example, the user
can choose to filter workorders by workorderId, dateCreated, etc.
> To enable filtering, I've been using elasticsearch instead of couch because I don't know
a good way to filter the workorder documents using couch without creating a view for every
combination of the filters. The problem I'm running into is elasticsearch is near real-time
for indexing, so if I pull up the list page, access a workorder, update it and then return
to the list page, there is up to a one-second delay due to the index refresh rate before the
list page will contain the updated information. How to deal with that? 
> I've been forcibly refreshing the elasticsearch index before returning to the list page,
but I can't see that scaling well. Consequently, I've been thinking more and more about filtering
documents in couch instead of relying on elasticsearch. Can anyone offer me any suggestions
on how to go about this or have I run into a wall here?
> Thanks,
> Troy

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