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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject Re: Broken installation on Ubuntu 14.04?
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2014 10:37:26 GMT
> Hi Mike,
> Something strange happened: in order to get a clean log of the problem (it
> was just too big, with non-important messages), I just stopped couchdb,
> removed the log and restarted couchdb. After that I performed the view
> access and the view started indexing normally. I have no clue what was
> causing the problem. I will shortly summarize my steps I performed until I
> got the problem (but not sure if this is reproducible):
> 0. new couchdb installation (intended for backend operations: data
> analisys, etc)
> 1. got lots of data from other couchdbs via replication
> 2. pushed several design documents to a single database (with close to 1.5
> million documents)
> 3. triggered all design documents, and all returned error 137.
> 4. check what could be the problem (strace, the commands that you gave me
> here, ...)
> 5. restarted couchdb (with clean log)
> 6. view now works normally (!)
> Anyway I can give you the output of couchjs (but not the old log, which had
> problably clues about the problem, since I removed to reproduce the issue)
> Thanks for your help!
> Daniel
> root@system:~# couchjs -V
> couchjs - Apache CouchDB 1.5.0

137 is an error code equivalent to “file not found”.

I’d check if the couchjs on the system matches where couchdb is looking for it.
This can easily happen if *.ini (or other things in default.d / local.d ) are
not up to date.

`which couchjs` and `http get $COUCH/_config/query_servers` should match up.

On a fresh 14.04 using the 1.6.1 ppa
I get:

$ echo `which couchjs` && `which couchjs` -V | head -1
couchjs - Apache CouchDB 1.6.1


$ http --verify=no --json --pretty all --verbose get http://localhost:5984/_config/query_servers
GET /_config/query_servers HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate, compress
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Host: localhost:5984
User-Agent: HTTPie/0.8.0

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Cache-Control: must-revalidate
Content-Length: 143
Content-Type: application/json
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2014 10:34:47 GMT
Server: CouchDB/1.6.1 (Erlang OTP/R16B03)

    "coffeescript": "/usr/bin/couchjs /usr/share/couchdb/server/main-coffee.js",
    "javascript": "/usr/bin/couchjs /usr/share/couchdb/server/main.js"

Results for vanilla ubuntu 14.04 were the same BTW.

If yours don’t match, check carefully in /etc/couchdb/*.ini and /etc/couchdb/*.d/

Dave Cottlehuber
Sent from my Couch

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