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From Robert Samuel Newson <>
Subject Re: Deleted documents being replaced by previous revisions
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2014 12:26:34 GMT

What’s happening here is your document is conflicted. That is, there are multiple 'latest'
revisions to choose from. In this situation, CouchDB chooses one of them to present to you
when you do GET /dbname/docid. When you then delete that revision, you are promoting one of
the others.

The common way to introduce conflicts is to edit the same document at multiple locations and
then replicate, which would appear to be your setup. Are you allowing writes to both masters?

It is only non-latest (we say "non-leaf") revisions that are removed by compaction, CouchDB
preserves all of the latest revisions (as we do not know which edit or edits you want to keep),
so the revs limit of 1000 that you mention is in fact unrelated to your issue.


On 25 Aug 2014, at 13:16, Sanjuan, Hector <> wrote:

> Hi,
> we are running a couchdb 1.5.0 setup with master-master replication.
> I am observing that sometimes, a document has multiple revisions stored,
> and when deleting the most current one, a previous one replaces it
> and becomes available.
> The old revision numbers that are available are non-consecutives (i.e.
> rev 1234 would be replaced by 742). Querying the revs would come back
> with a list of non-consecutive revisions, for which a full document
> exists even after compactation.
> As I understand it, old revision records are kept around for
> replication and its contents subject to disappear on compactation. I'd
> assume writing a document 1000 times and then issuing a DELETE would
> mark it as deleted and inform of this on subsequent GETs.
> Has anyone come across anything similar? I have searched around without
> much luck.
> Is this maybe related to replication conflicts were the conflict is
> resolved but the conflicting revisions left behind?
> As of now, getting the documents truly deleted means issuing DELETE
> a few times until every leftover revision is gone. Of course this only
> shows up randomly here and there, and in small tests couchdb deletes
> and works as expected.
> Thanks,
> Hector

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