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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject Re: Tweet from Dave Cottlehuber (@dch__)
Date Sun, 27 Apr 2014 13:56:17 GMT
> On 27 Apr 2014, at 02:51, Hakeem Mohammed wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm a CouchDB n00b. Just trying to run the samples from the book "7dbs in
> > 7weeks". Below are the commands that I ran and the time taken is indicated
> > next to each. I created the music DB in futon.

welcome :-) and thanks for following up Hakeem!

> > These were run on Windows 8.1 64-bit which has 16 GB memory
> >
> > Thanks for all your help
> >
> > curl -i -X POST http://localhost:5984/music/ -H "Content-Type:
> > application/json" -d '{ "name":"Wings" }' *3 Mins*

I think we can all agree this is abnormally abnormal! I’ve never seen something this slow.
Personally I’ve not tested on 8.1 at all, I will see if I can get a VM spun up for this.

Can you link me specifically to the CouchDB version you used? 



BTW which version of 8.1 is this (there are over 20 on MSDN)? It’s unlikely to make a difference
but it’s good to know.

Also, is it equally slow in the browser (e.g. using the Futon admin interface), or if you
use instead of localhost?

Given the magnitude of the delay, rough estimates are fine here.

Dave Cottlehuber
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