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From Daniel Gonzalez <>
Subject Configuring a second couchdb instance in a debian-based system
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2014 06:51:35 GMT
Hi all,

(My system is CrunchBang waldorf, debian-based)

Currently I have one couchdb instance, and I want to setup a second
couchdb2 with very similar configuration.

Second instance requirements:
- it can be managed like the main one, just by doing /etc/init.d/couchdb2
- it will start automatically with system reboot
- it will not conflict in any way with the main instance: databases, views,
logs & pid files
- it will run in a different port 5985/6985 vs 5984/6984 (for http/https)

This is the shell script that I plan to use to prepare the configuration of
couchdb2, starting from the current setup for the main couchdb instance:


# Copy the config files
cd /etc
cp -R couchdb couchdb2
chown -R couchdb:couchdb couchdb2

# Change the config files for couchdb2: make sure both servers are not
sharing databases/views/logfiles
cd /etc/couchdb2
cat <<EOF > /tmp/sedfile
s!^port = 5984!port = 5985!
s!^port = 6984!port = 6985!
sed -f /tmp/sedfile default.ini > /etc/couchdb2/default.ini
mkdir /var/log/couchdb2 ; chown -R couchdb:couchdb /var/log/couchdb2
mkdir /var/run/couchdb2 ; chown -R couchdb:couchdb /var/run/couchdb2
mkdir -p /var/lib/couchdb2/1.2.0 ; chown -R couchdb:couchdb

# The startup file has some hard-coded values which need to be changed
cat <<EOF > /tmp/sedfile
sed -f /tmp/sedfile /etc/init.d/couchdb > /etc/init.d/couchdb2

rm /tmp/sedfile

(the script is untested, so it may contain bugs, but you get the idea)

But I do not know how to tell /etc/init.d/couchdb2 to use my config files
for couchdb2.

This is the command which is running couchdb, and which I want to replicate
for couchdb2:
/bin/sh -e /usr/bin/couchdb -a /etc/couchdb/default.ini -a
/etc/couchdb/local.ini -b -r 5 -p /var/run/couchdb/ -o /dev/null
-e /dev/null -R

Ideally I would get:
/bin/sh -e /usr/bin/couchdb -a /etc/couchdb2/default.ini -a
/etc/couchdb2/local.ini -b -r 5 -p /var/run/couchdb2/ -o
/dev/null -e /dev/null -R

But I do not know where some of the flags are set:
-a /etc/couchdb2/default.ini
-a /etc/couchdb2/local.ini
-p /var/run/couchdb2/

So my question is: where do I set those flags? They are not set in

Daniel Gonzalez

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