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Hi Michael,

I saw that Alexey Danchenkov (a colleague of you?) has added a link to spviewer to the CouchDB Wiki at First of all it is highly appreciated to add helpful software there. Thank you.

When visiting the website I recognised, that one has to register to be able to download the viewer. I don't think this is cool and think that the viewer should be downloadable without registering. This is the well known behaviour in the OpenSource community. You could add for example a direkt link without registration. 

Another point is, that the buttons under the form are smashed (latest Chrome on Mac OS X). See the attached screenshot.

I would be happy if you let us know about the idea to ask people for a registration.




On 27 January 2014 09:45, Michael Smirnov <> wrote:
NoSQL and Big Data database professionals are welcome to download and use NoSQL Viewer software product.  NoSQL Viewer is a free innovative and powerful tool for such popular NoSQL Big Data databases as MongoDB, Couchbase Server, Apache Cassandra, CouchDB, HBase. The software provides convenient and easy to use GUI framework for data query and manipulation as well database object management in your NoSQL databases. NoSQL Viewer is a must have tool for NoSQL and Big Data software developers, database administrators and analysts. Download your free copy of NoSQL Viewer now from !
Your feedback about the software is highly appreciated.
Thank you,

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