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From Nathan Vander Wilt <>
Subject Is startkey_docid as scalable as startkey?
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2013 23:14:58 GMT
Let's say for every doc I `emit([doc.user])` and, when a user requests a document ID I have
my middleware `GET …/docs_by_user?startkey=[]&endkey=[,{}]&include_docs=true&limit=1&`.
I return the row's doc or 404 if the range is empty. Basically I'm giving each user read access
to "their own" objects without having to give them their own database.

I'm wondering though, if `startkey_docid` is as scalable as `startkey` itself. IIRC, the doc
ids are simply a final extra group level internally (clearly they determine sort order) but
if this behaves more like `&skip=lots` instead, then of course relying heavily on the
query above would be something of an anti-pattern.

(Bonuses: If this _is_ still a reasonable solution, I'm assuming I can't simplify my emit/query
to use `&key=name&startkey_docid=id` right? Alternatively, would it be more efficient
but just-as-correct to emit plain string keys and limit my range to `&startkey=name&endkey=name+"\0"?)

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