Am Samstag, 30. November 2013, 15:12:35 schrieb Martin Higham:

> If you could provide the code for the view you are using then it would be

> easier to supply the rewrite you need



Here's the code:

The rewrite rule not working is {from: '/tags/:tag', to: '_list/testList/tags', query: { reduce: false, key: ":tag"}},


It works great if I directly give the querykey to the list function with http://localhost:5984/recipes/_design/recipe-couch/_rewrite/_db/_design/recipe-couch/_list/testList/tags?key=%22fish%22&reduce=false but if I want to use it with the rewrite URL http://localhost:5984/recipes/_design/recipe-couch/_rewrite/tags/ad it now responds with {"error":"unknown_error","reason":"badarg"}

Btw, if you want to deploy this couchapp you need


Big thanks in advance, Oliver