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From Brian Mitchell <>
Subject Re: show/list
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2013 20:57:52 GMT
On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 3:32 PM, Lance Carlson <> wrote:
> The web is HTML. Let's embrace that fact and make
> shows/lists as powerful as they can be. Let's hype them up and recode the
> coolest blog/forum/HNclones using that platform and have conferences and
> tell show everyone how cool we are for using the latest technology. THIS is
> how innovation happens.

The web is made of user agents. These are sometimes browsers,
sometimes other things. I think treating these other pieces of the web
as peers rather than dumb clients is a key trade that CouchDB has
actively made [0]. I'm not necessarily against more capabilities for
show or list but as they stand today, they seem oddly limited in ways
that might be hard to expand to general applications. It's a lot
easier to treat the browser as an application platform rather than
attempt to get show and list features to fill that role.

Outside of the browser case, the need to present data with specific
structure, filtering, and context is a real feature. Usually I manage
to produce views if I need specific processing to be done. From my
point of view the current show/list implementation fits this case
poorly. I'd prefer to talk about the problem being solved rather than
starting with a solution and finding a problem to keep it around.
There might be a great way to get show and list to fit these needs or
there might be an entirely new API.

One example where we don't have good solutions and force the client to
do lifting is conflict handling. A show implementation that could do
merges on read could be very useful IMO.


[0]: Benoit's work on event source support is a great example of
making it easier for browser based clients to interact more seamlessly
with CouchDB. CORS is another area where CouchDB is pushing away the
need for middle tiers. I don't see show and list as a good way to
remove rendering as a tier. Browser-side rendering seems superior in
every way except SEO.

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