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From Robert Newson <>
Subject Re: Considering CouchDB
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2013 20:04:49 GMT
I guess this was released from moderation by someone that didn't see
your other email after you subscribed, let's consider this thread


On 19 November 2013 21:16, Diogo Moitinho de Almeida <> wrote:
> Hello,
> Based on the research that I've done, CouchDB seems like a very good fit for
> the problem I'm trying to solve, but when talking to people from within the
> company, they're expressed that there are some unadvertised down sides to it
> (though they tried using it 3 years ago) and that we would have to migrate
> fairly quickly off of it.
> The worries that they expressed were:
> 1. Scalability (with a stop the world lock when writing to disk).
> 2. Erlang stack traces not being the easiest to deal with. (I assumed with
> the "crash only" design, that common problems could be solved by restarting
> a node).
> 3. Garbage collection being a very slow process.
> And questions that I had were:
> 1. Would anyone have approximate numbers on how it scales? In terms of
> writes, size of the data, and cluster size? How big of a cluster have people
> gotten working without issues? Have people tested this out in the petabyte
> range?
> 2. Would anyone have approximate times on how long a map reduce query could
> take (with whatever sized data, I'm just curious)?
> The use that I'd be looking at is about 200 writes/second of documents <50
> kB each with updates fairly rarely, though if everything goes well, the
> documents could be a bit larger with a more writes and a lot more updates.
> Thanks in advance for any help,
> Diogo

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