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From Alexander Vieth <>
Subject Alternative to transactions
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2013 21:35:39 GMT

In our application, we are modelling a directory hierarchy in CouchDB. We have a document
for each node (call them folders and files), and we would like to somehow express the hierarchy.

Our first attempt was to put a key "parent" on each folder and file, which is the identifier
of a folder or file. Folders would also have a key "children" which is an array of identifiers.
Trying to implement an API for moving a file or folder, we lamented the lack of support for
traditional SQL transactions. Such an action requires touching up to three documents: the
file/folder to be moved, its old parent, and its new parent. We need a guarantee that either
all of these changes succeed, or none of them go through. 

It seems (as far as we can tell) that the only way to get this guarantee from CouchDB is to
put all of the hierarchy information in a single document. However, we're cautious to do this,
because that document could conceivably become huge, and we don't want to fetch the entire
thing every time we wish to discover the parent or children of just one file or folder. It's
not clear whether it's possible to fetch just one key from one document. Can this be done?

Are we approaching this problem in the wrong way? Any advice is appreciated.


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