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From Kevin Coombes <>
Subject Re: why you should never use X
Date Tue, 12 Nov 2013 18:56:46 GMT
I though it was an interesting post. And while she does include the 
paragraph you quote, I thought that her main conclusion was that 
document-oriented databases are only good for building a cache in front 
of a "real" (i.e., relational) database back end.

It is also clear that part of what drives her to this conclusion is the 
design she uses of just a few massive documents.  In the simple (but 
canonical) example of a collection of blog posts and comments, the basic 
document would consist of "one post plus all comments on it" or maybe 
even "one user plus all his/her posts and all comments on them".   And 
so I think she fails to see the ability of well-written views to 
aggregate documents on the fly.  But I haven't analyzed everything 
carefully enough to tell for sure, and so I don't have a clear response 
tot he two examples she describes in detail.

   -- Kevin

On 11/12/2013 1:19 PM, matt j. sorenson wrote:
> interesting write-up on the pitfalls the diaspora project faced down with
> mongodb
> I've seen a few "what's your use case" or "what use cases is couchdb good
> for" threads on the list, and I'd be curious what the top couchdb minds
> have to say about Sarah's assertions, social data and these 'undirected
> graphs'.
> Sarah actually seems to come to this harsh conclusion [about json document
> storage?]:
> MongoDB’s ideal use case is even narrower than our television data. The
> *only* thing it’s good at is storing arbitrary pieces of JSON. “Arbitrary,”
> in this context, means that you don’t care *at all* what’s inside that
> JSON. You don’t even look. There is no schema, not even an implicit schema,
> as there was in our TV show data. Each document is just a blob whose
> interior you make absolutely no assumptions about.
> which seems a little extreme to me =/
> --
> *matt j. sorenson*

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