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From Jeff Lowery <>
Subject Re: Product management means saying no
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2013 19:33:57 GMT

On Nov 15, 2013, at 10:51 AM, Jens Alfke wrote:

> On Nov 15, 2013, at 10:03 AM, Jeff Lowery <> wrote:
>> What I would like is the ability to specify a view that takes a key/value map.  Behind
that view would be indexes for n number of k-v pairs in that map in any permutation order.
> A view _is_ an index. The emit() function is literally adding individual key/value pairs
to the generated b-tree index. If you want multiple indexes, you create multiple views.

You're misreading me.  I know that.

> It wouldn’t be hard to write a wrapper function in your code to generate the views
for the multiple permuted indexes you’re asking for.

I know that as well.

>> I realize that the permute param results in a factorial # of views (permuting 5 k-v
pairs = 120 views); what is the practical limit?  I assume it would depend on the # of documents
in a db.
> Yeah, this would become ridiculous pretty quickly. Especially since I’d wager that
most clients would only want a handful of the huge number of indexes produced. It’s much
better to explicitly generate the indexes you need, since there is significant overhead to
producing and updating them.

And that was the point of the question.  In my little problem space, I have unordered navigation
that requires lookup on each of anywhere from 1-6 entries. I can make this work in CouchDB,
pretty much as I outlined above.  What I asked for was the ability to specify this directly
in the database.  I don't have to have it, but I thought it worth posting the thought.

> —Jens

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