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From Filippo Fadda <>
Subject Re: osqa
Date Thu, 31 Oct 2013 23:46:07 GMT
The site url is

I have a community with over 42.000 registered users and I'm rebuilding the platform on CouchDB,
PHP, ElasticSearch and Redis. I'm doing something in the middle between StackOverflow, Reddit
and WordPress. The difference with StackOverflow is that you'll not only might earn reputation
with questions and answers but also with articles, book reviews and links.
It's a long story, I didn't touch the code for many years, I was tired to manage it. I didn't
sell when I could (big mistake), and then I got tired to manage the site, so I started to
work for a US company as Chief Software Architect, I got a H1B Visa, but then I decided to
stay in Italy, I bought an house and I found myself forced to work again on the site. I could
use MySQL, but I decided to go with CouchDB because I wanted learn new things and I liked
the concepts behind it. Anyway, I hope to be on line for the end of the year.
I started in the 1999 and I never used any intermediary. I have built relationships
with media centers and direct clients in the past years and I have client like Microsoft,
Oracle, Intel, HP, Fujitsu/Siemens Symantec, etc. Actually the business really sucks, but
I'm not moving commercially until the new site is on line.


On Oct 31, 2013, at 10:13 PM, Mark Deibert wrote:

> @Filippo: I suppose if the only, or primary requirement for any new CouchDB
> Q&A community is that it have zero setup time, zero cost and zero
> maintenance, then sadly, SO/SE is the correct choice.
> Side note... What is your site url? I'd be interested in talking in email
> or another thread about how you generated so much ad revenue. What worked
> and what didn't. If you would be open to that :-)
> On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 4:47 PM, Filippo Fadda <
>> wrote:
>> On Oct 31, 2013, at 9:05 PM, Mark Deibert wrote:
>>> @Filippo and a couple others: Are you arguing that it would be acceptable
>>> to forcibly close and eliminate all other programming communities because
>>> SO/SE is so absolutely perfect that we don't need any other online
>>> communities? Do you understand that your SO "reputation" doesn't put any
>>> money in your pockets, just in SO's? It's a meaningless number ;-)
>> I really don't have any SO reputation and I don't care to have any, I'm
>> just saying it's a good service and I find it useful, like Gmail, Dropbox
>> and many others. You can chose to have your own mail server, spending time
>> to maintain it, or you can relay on Gmail. This is just an example.
>> There are over 8000 CouchDB question already tagged on SO, it's pretty
>> easy find results when you just use Google, and some people, not all, are
>> stimulated to answer by the reputation mechanism.
>> I don't think SO should be the only programming community, but I think
>> it's better for the CouchDB contributors to focus on CouchDB itself, using
>> external services when they are available. StackOverflow is the most cheap
>> option, Discourse can be another, a little more expensive (you need to host
>> it somewhere, to upgrade when a new version come out, and you also need
>> some mods), OSQA is gonna probably require a major effort because it's not
>> maintained anymore.
>>> If we have someone to set it up and it can be managed by users, I vote
>> for
>>> a stand-alone CouchDB community. It can then generate it's own ad income.
>>> Give that money to the guys busting their butts building CouchDB!
>> I'm in the advertising business, my site earned over 700K € in the last 10
>> years, but to make some real money from advertising you need traffic and
>> direct clients, media center relations, etc. Forget to make money with
>> Google AdSense. The only one that earn money from Google AdSense is Google
>> itself.
>> -Filippo

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