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From Jean-Pierre Fiset>
Subject Contribution: CouchDb dump and reload
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2013 18:35:47 GMT
I am working on the project Nunaliit ( As part of the project, we have
developed tools that allow a user to dump an instance of CouchDb to disk, and the tools to
reload a database from disk.

The database documents are stored to disk in text files. The document content is formatted
JSON. Attachments are also saved to disk in their native format.

This set of tools is written in Java and built using Maven. It features plenty of interfaces
access CouchDb directly in Java. It also features a command line interface to perform dumps

Currently, these tools are within a larger project. I am intending to seperate the dump and
restore components, with all dependencies, out of the larger project to make them more
accessible to the community.

Is there a location or a project where these sorts of tools belong to? If feasible, I'd like
contribute the code where it will serve best.


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