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From Robert Newson <>
Subject Re: any deeper doc for big couch?
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2013 17:06:19 GMT

There's also;

Once the bigcouch->couchdb merge is done we'll need to improve documentation on a bunch
of topics.


On 17 Oct 2013, at 17:41, Stanley Iriele <> wrote:

> Hwy...not sure if this helps but Robert wrote a really good post about it
> here
> Big couch is also based on the dynamo white paper which is pretty good read
> in general
> On Oct 17, 2013 8:47 AM, "Dan Santner" <> wrote:
>> I'm running a bigcouch cluster.  It was easy enough to setup but getting
>> info on tuning etc is pretty much impossible from what I can tell.  I have
>> posted to the bigcouch mail list with some success but it's not real
>> active....unlike this one :).
>> Anyway I need a bit more info on to dig into some issues I'm having but it
>> seems a little opaque.  I have to admit it seems I've had more issues than
>> success running bigcouch.  it was easy to setup but seems much more prone
>> to issues than when I ran a single node....which I guess is obvious.
>> Anyway sorry to ramble.  I have a strange issue that I posted on the
>> bigcouch mail list and I really don't even understand how the shards work
>> and looking for more in depth information....if anyone knows where to find
>> it.  At a minium I'd like to know some sort of info on what all the
>> dbs/fields in the 5986 admin database are for.

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