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From Mark Deibert <>
Subject RE: AdventureWorks DB Alternative?
Date Sun, 27 Oct 2013 00:55:18 GMT
You mean build an Adventure Works db in Couch and distribute it with
Couch? Awesome idea!!!

Sent from my Windows Phone From: Chad Cross
Sent: 10/26/2013 6:05 PM
Subject: AdventureWorks DB Alternative?
Hello All,

As someone who began in the Microsoft-SQL world, I've always wondered about
the viability of an AdventureWorks-style DB ( for
Couch.  Essentially, a standard data set for CRUD-type applications.

   1. Does this exist?  If not,
   2. Is this viable given that CouchDB has such a broad array of use-cases?

Just curious!  I'd be happy to contribute if this is something that new
users may find useful.


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