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On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 7:45 PM, Andru Vallance <andru@tinymighty.com> wrote:
Just wondering - has anyone else on this list been receiving unsolicited marketing emails from Greg McFarlane at CouchBase? I've never signed up to anything from them, and since I'm only just dipping my toes into the waters of CouchDB, my participation on this list is pretty much my only active engagement with the CouchDB community - for now at least :)

In response to the first email (below) I   where my details were obtained but have received no response until today I got a "follow up" message which made no mention of my request.

This time I'm just clicking the unsubscribe button but it doesn't seem particularly cool to me to be harvesting emails from an apache list for marketing purposes in the first place, so I wanted to see if anyone else had been stung.


Hello Andru,

Couchbase is the leading NoSQL database helping hundreds of companies, including Zynga, Orbitz, and TuneWiki deploy applications with a schemaless, distributed data tier. Our database provides consistent high performance, a flexible data model, easy scalability, and "always-on" operation. 

I'd like to have a quick 5 minute call with you to explore whether Couchbase would be a good fit for Tinymighty. Do you have any availability in the next two weeks? 

Hello Andru,

Just wanted to check back in. Couchbase is the schemaless NoSQL document database used by many companies includingSalesforce.com, McGraw-Hill and Thomson Reuters. It provides consistent high performance, a flexible data model, it's easily scalable, and it's always on 24x7x365.

Do you have time for a brief 5-minute call to discuss use-cases and determine if Couchbase would be a good fit for Tinymighty?

Thanks and regards,

Greg McFarlane
Account Development
Couchbase, Inc.