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From "Chung, Yang" <>
Subject Re: CouchDB crashing at random times
Date Mon, 26 Aug 2013 17:15:49 GMT
Hi Dave,

Your suggestion certainly worked. I changed the 'delayed_commits' to false
in the config, and I didn't see the crash (and subsequent connection
refused error).

What are the implications of setting 'delayed_commits' to false? Or better
yet, what does setting 'delayed_commits' to true and false do?

Thank you so much for your help, BTW!


>Hey Yang,
>TL;DR this looks like a bug in recreate!, it looks like a race cond in
>recreate, where you see:
># create a new db but you're told there's already one there:
>PUT /av_tests_test 412
>Perhaps couchrest's recreate! should handle this with a check for the
>completed deletion, maybe HEAD /db (or a simple GET would do too). Or
>maybe couch's DELETE /db should return a 202
>by default.
>Anyway,  I suggest you re-try this with delayed commits off, `curl
>-XPUT http://admin:passwd@localhost:5984/_config/couchdb/delayed_commits
>--data-binary '"false"'` and if this persists, report on the couchrest
>BTW contrary to popular belief, in Erlang, the stack trace itself is
>not necessarily a reason for panic, it can occur normally e.g. when
>certain config parameters are changed, or as various processes start
>up or terminate & clean up. So, the stuff happening before the erlang
>stack trace is also useful - we can see what was going on prior to the
>stacktrace such as the HTTP calls & the associated pids.

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