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From Cameron Jacobson <>
Subject best way to "warm" views offline
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2013 15:33:57 GMT
What is the best way to "warm" views offline?  Also, if possible, can
you explain the mechanics that CouchDB uses in order to "know" that a
given view is or isn't new?  In other words, when deploying an updated
design document how would the server go about determining whether a
given view within that design document is different or not?  Is it
through hashing?  Or do all views within the design document require a
pre-deployment query?

None of my datasets have ever really been big enough to required offline
prepping of views, but I'm anticipating this will change soon so I want
to make sure I'm using best practices when I'm ready to make this change
to my deployment process.


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