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From Bill Foshay <>
Subject Re: Scaling with filtered replication
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2013 16:25:25 GMT
Robert Newson <rnewson@...> writes:

> If you didn't
> have filters at all, but still had n^2 replications, you've still got
> a scaling problem, it's just not directly related to the filtering
> overhead.
> B.

Ignoring filtering, is there any idea roughly how many persistent 
replications can be running before it starts to hurt performance. I know 
this is a vague question, highly dependent on the system resources of the 
machine hosting the database, the number of updates being made, etc. I'm 
just trying to get a rough idea if possible. Are we talking like on the 
order of 100 replications, 1000s, etc? 


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