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From Paul Hirst <>
Subject RE: Purging documents and view invalidation
Date Fri, 05 Jul 2013 14:58:58 GMT
> Hi, Paul. I wrote up some thoughts on purging here:

That's in interesting read. I know I will only be purging in one process so I figure I can
skip most of the sanity checks there. My takeaway is that I can send one and only one purge
request between querying views. More than one and the view will be invalidated. However I
can purge 100k documents in a single request if I choose to, something which wasn't 100% clear
to me earlier.

So the process would be

Send a purge request for the next batch of 100k documents
Query the view

I realise I can do this via a filtered replication but replication seems a lot slower than
compaction to me and I'm not sure I can afford the time or disk space to do a replication
into a new database.



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