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From svilen>
Subject when replication hits wrong update_validation
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2013 12:44:55 GMT

so i had update_validation function with wrong code (using wrong
var-name "doc" inside) and getting
Uncaught server error: {case_clause,
   <<"doc is not  defined">>

so touchdb (android) replication doing 
 POST /thedb/_bulk_docs 
got 500 "internal error"

and no document has been copied.

i've now fixed the server update_validator, but nothing is getting
copied anymore - it seems that regardless of the above failure,
replicator has moved the "since" number, and now thinks there's
nothing to copy.

so 2 questions:
a) can i force it to copy all again? i'm not sure if that "since" number
is kept in touchdb-localy or on server too.
b) how is this case handled in plain couchdb doing replication?


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