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From "N S Cuka" <>
Subject Reduce overflow errors when number of documents >= 10?
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2013 02:19:52 GMT
Hello Everyone,


I am having a strange problem with my views in Couch DB 1.3.  When I have 10
or more documents in my database, for some reason my views are bombing out
with "reduce_overflow_error".  The views in question (which work fine when
n=9 documents) are both called with reduce=false.  The views are very simple
and simply select out a document based on type. E.g.:



                if( doc.type == 'set') {





The error is reproducible when the number of documents (of any type, not
just type=="set") gets to 10 and disappears when the number goes back to 9.
Do I need to set the [query_server_config] reduce_limit = false server
parameter to get this to work? It seems strange that 10 is the magic number
and this is probably an important clue that I can't quite pick up on.


The other odd thing is that if I go into futon, go to the view, and put in a
simple reduce function (just returning null), then the view will temporarily
work (just in futon though).  If I push the same function through Erica then
I get the same error back or try to access the view that is working in futon
through a REST call, it still bombs. This makes me wonder if there is some
kind of encoding issue that is causing problems, but I can't see where that
would come into play.  This is an example of a query string that I am using
from my couchapp:




TIA for any advice.


-          N



Windows 7

Couchdb 1.3

Firefox 21.0


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