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From Saroj patel <>
Subject CouchDB Parameterized filtered replication Performance issue
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2013 15:51:32 GMT

We have developed an iOS application with replication from: {"couchdb":"Welcome","version":"1.1.1","bigcouch":"0.4.0"}.

We are facing performance issue with the parameterized filter replication. As required we
need to filter the latest 6 months of date from the Couch database which contains around 20,000
documents. The filter function written in Javascript works fine but the replication takes
around 2.5 to 4 minutes. The filter is based on the data for timeSinceEpoch. 
The filter function source is as follows:
"_id": "_design/segmenting",
"filters": {
"by_epoch": "function(doc, req) { var beginTime = req.query.beginTime;var endTime = req.query.endTime;if
(doc.timeSinceEpoch >= beginTime && doc.timeSinceEpoch <= endTime) { return
true;} else {return false;}}"

Also read about the erlang filter function to speed up the data filter process and converted
the filter function in Erlang. Tested multiple times and observed that the filter replication
takes around same time. Source for Erlang design document.


   "_id": "_design/erlangfilter",

   "language": "erlang",

   "views": {

       "byCategoryYearMonthTest": {

           "map": "fun({Doc}) -> Doctime = proplists:get_value(<<\"timeSinceEpoch\">>,
Doc, null), if Doctime > 1355630177000 -> Emit(proplists:get_value(<<\"title\">>,
Doc, null), Doctime); true -> false end end."



   "filters": {

       "by_epoch": "fun({Doc}, {Req}) -> {Query} = proplists:get_value(<<\"query\">>,
Req, null), Begintime = list_to_integer(binary_to_list(proplists:get_value(<<\"beginTime\">>,
Query, null))), Doctime = proplists:get_value(<<\"timeSinceEpoch\">>, Doc, null),
if Doctime > Begintime -> true; true -> false end end."



Please verify and help with the tips/guidelines to speed up the filtered replication process.


Saroj Patel.

Dream Solutions, India.
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