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From Robert Newson <>
Subject Re: Apache couchdb 1.3.0 build from source has some problems stopping
Date Tue, 14 May 2013 12:32:02 GMT
This is a known issue on Debian/Ubuntu, at least. Sometimes the
pidfile is empty after startup, and this is why stop fails (it doesn't
know what to stop). This has been reported intermittently for a long
time now but no one has yet figured out why it happens. It's almost
always reported on ubuntu, but I think that might just be a measure of
its popularity than anything else.

Workarounds include using runit instead of the init.d script as well
as a manual kill -9 if the pidfile is empty.

It appears to only happen sometimes on first install or at system
startup and then seems to right itself for subsequent stop/start


On 14 May 2013 13:19, Anishek Agarwal <> wrote:
> Hello,
> We have just build apache couchdb 1.3.0 from source, following the build
> steps from . The server
> starts fine and is working correctly although we are not able to get it to
> stop.
> We are using the following commands to start and stop
> sudo service couchdb start  # this is used to start the server
> sudo service couchdb stop #this is used to stop the server
> When we run the stop command it stops the process but the heartbeat process
> restarts couchdb i think.
> We are building this on Ubuntu 11.10 server
> Please let me know if any other info is required and thanks in advance for
> help.
> Note: Support for apache couchdb 1.2.x is not provided by Apache foundation
> anymore right ?
> regards,
> anishek

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