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From Dirkjan Ochtman <>
Subject [ANN] CouchDB-Python 0.9
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2013 11:22:40 GMT
Hello all,

We have a new release of CouchDB-Python for you today: 0.9.

This release, which has been a long time in the making (sorry about
that!) has a slew of small and slightly larger improvements:

 * Don't validate database names on the client side. This means some methods
   dealing with database names can return different exceptions than before.
 * Use HTTP socket more efficiently to avoid the Nagle algorithm, greatly
   improving performace. Note: add the `{nodelay, true}` option to the CouchDB
   server's httpd/socket_options config.
 * Add support for show and list functions.
 * Add support for calling update handlers.
 * Add support for purging documents.
 * Add `iterview()` for more efficient iteration over large view results.
 * Add view cleanup API.
 * Enhance `Server.stats()` to optionally retrieve a single set of statistics.
 * Implement `Session` timeouts.
 * Add `error` property to `Row` objects.
 * Add `default=None` arg to `mapping.Document.get()` to make it a little more
 * Enhance `` so it can also be used to get info for a design
 * Add view definition options, e.g. collation.
 * Fix support for authentication in dump/load tools.
 * Support non-ASCII document IDs in serialization format.
 * Protect `ResponseBody` from being iterated/closed multiple times.
 * Rename iteration method for ResponseBody chunks to `iterchunks()` to
   prevent usage for non-chunked responses.
 * JSON encoding exceptions are no longer masked, resulting in better error
 * `cjson` support is now deprecated.
 * Fix `Row.value` and `Row.__repr__` to never raise exceptions.
 * Fix Python view server's reduce to handle empty map results list.
 * Use locale-independent timestamp identifiers for HTTP cache.
 * Don't require setuptools/distribute to install the core package. (Still
   needed to install the console scripts.)

It can be downloaded from PyPI here:


To report bugs, join the mailing list, etc, start with the project homepage:


Start reading the documentation hosted on PyPI:


Many thanks to everyone who contributed patches and bug reports!


Dirkjan and the rest of the CouchDB-Python team

P.S. For the next release, we hope to add Python 3 support. Please
join our mailing list if you're interested in helping out or testing
with that project.

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