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From Steven Barlow <>
Subject Re: _replicator database and proxies
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2013 15:27:17 GMT
That did occur to me too. Perhaps it's a viable solution, but it
doesn't seem very elegant.

Also (and I haven't investigated thoroughly, so I don't know the
answer) I'm not totally clear on whether the failed replications
(those in error state due to invalid proxy config for the current
situation) would be expected to resume automatically when their proxy
settings became valid again?

On 25/04/2013, at 12:16 AM, Robert Newson <> wrote:

> Hm, why not have a replication document for each of those two
> situations? One with proxy, one without?
> B.
> On 24 April 2013 10:11, Steven Barlow <> wrote:
>> Thanks for the comments.
>> I appreciate that each replication document is independent. I guess
>> I'm questioning whether the proxy configuration is typically an
>> attribute of the individual replication entity, rather than being a
>> "system-wide" connection configuration. I'm struggling to envisage a
>> scenario whereby different replication documents might have different
>> proxy settings?
>> To support that use case though, I guess, why not retain a replication
>> document level setting as an override, but introduce a global setting
>> for what, at least in my opinion, is the more typical use case?
>> In answer to the question, "why is my configuration changing so
>> rapidly?" - My proxy settings change several times every day when my
>> laptop travels to and from my home network (no proxy), to my office
>> network (which requires a proxy for Internet access).
>> On 24/04/2013, at 11:42 PM, Robert Newson <> wrote:
>>> Q: "Why is the proxy configuration part of the replication document at all?
>>> A: Because each replication document is an independent entity.
>>> Making it global works for your case but not the general case. Why is
>>> your proxy configuration changing so rapidly?
>>> B.
>>> On 24 April 2013 08:31, Steven <> wrote:
>>>> OK, please excuse the bump, but really? No takers on this one?
>>>> I'm surprised if I'm the only person encountering this situation. Is nobody
>>>> else working on a system with replication to laptop devices that use
>>>> multiple connections?
>>>> Here's my biggest confusion: Why is the proxy configuration part of the
>>>> replication document at all? Surely a global proxy setting would make way
>>>> more sense, otherwise, the only way I can see around this issue is to tear
>>>> down the entire replication database document set, and rebuild it when I
>>>> detect a change in proxy configuration. That seems like madness!
>>>> Any comments appreciated.
>>>> Cheers.
>>>> On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 1:14 PM, Steven <> wrote:
>>>>> Question about using the _replicator database to set up persistent
>>>>> replications from a machine that uses various different connections,
>>>>> sometimes behind a proxy, other times not.
>>>>> Question is: Given that the proxy server information is part of the
>>>>> replication document, the replication breaks (returns an error) when
>>>>> connection changes to use a different, or no, proxy. How am I supposed
>>>>> handle this situation?
>>>>> Also, an observation: when the replication document contains "proxy":
>>>>> (in V1.3), the replication fails, this caught me out for a while, the
>>>>> replication document proxy parameter must be entirely absent to specify
>>>>> proxy.

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