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From Bill <>
Subject Intermittent 401 errors during replication
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2013 15:16:27 GMT
I'm having an issue with a continuous filtered pull replication pulling from my 
server side db to my mobile app. For some reason, I'm getting intermittent 401 
errors after the replication begins. These errors cause TouchDB to prematurely 
stop replicating because it thinks there's an authentication problem. Before 
stopping though, the app does successfully pull a number of documents which is 
strange. I would think if there were an authentication issue, it wouldn't be 
able to pull any. I've encountered this problem both with a database hosted on 
IrisCouch, and an instance I have running locally. The fact that I get the 
errors with both instances makes me wonder if there's something wrong with my 
couchdb setup. I have a server admin user set up on IrisCouch and locally. And 
I've set up both admins and members on the databases themselves. I currently 
have require_valid_user = false in the couchdb config but I still get the 401s. 
Is there anything else anyone can think of to help me fix or debug this? I 
really appreciate any help!


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