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From Robert Newson <>
Subject Re: How to workaround missing id in a request to Update Handler
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2013 13:43:23 GMT
Hi Robin,

I re-read the comments on your PR. I hope you didn't read it too
personally as I'm sure that wasn't the intention of those that
commented. The issue is that a roundtrip through Javascript evaluation
is a significant overhead. No matter how you implemented it, it would
almost certainly be too slow for a useful URL rewriting feature. I
don't dispute that the URL rewriter in couchdb could be improved,
though. I think a viable path would be a more powerful microlanguage,
something modelled on mod_rewrite or the nginx module, perhaps? In
summary, I'd love to see a rewriter feature in CouchDB that is
comprehensive while still being fast; you're not the first to reach
its limits.


On 20 March 2013 13:30, Robin Berjon <> wrote:
> Hi,
> On 19/03/2013 20:57 , Pulkit Singhal wrote:
>> 1) I have a 3rd-party-webhook API calling into my update handler and
>> there's nothing I can do to make it pass the document ID in the URL.
>> 2) That means the CouchDB server cannot provide the update function with
>> the most recent version of that document.
>> 3) But the request does provide a payload from which I can pull out the
>> document ID ... but by this time I'm inside the update handler function.
>> 4) So my question is: If CouchDB did not provide a doc, is there still a
>> way for me to:
>> a) either, fetch the latest version of the doc myself?
>> b) or, override the existing document with another document formed with my
>> request payload ... without running into a revision conflict?
>> I know that I can probably route the request through a proxy that parses
>> the payload, sets the document ID onto the request URL and sends it own
>> its
>> way ... but I'd rather leave that as a last resort.
> I had a similar problem trying to get a CouchApp to support nice URLs with
> nice-looking IDs. Sadly, I couldn't get it to work for my case, but there
> may be a solution for you depending on how the third party that's contacting
> you is working. *If* it follows redirects, then when you get a request
> without an ID you can extract it from the payload and issue a redirect to
> the URL with the ID. This doesn't work reliably with browsers (which is why
> I couldn't use it) but the odds are it might work for you.
> I had also worked on a patch that made Couch's rewrite system more powerful
> in order to handle precisely this case (since right now you simply can't
> both have nice URLs and be properly RESTful with Couch), but it wasn't very
> popular. If you have the time and energy to address the problems that people
> had with it, you can find it at:
> --
> Robin Berjon - - @robinberjon

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