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From Alexander Gabriel <>
Subject Re: view crashes chrome
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2013 16:22:37 GMT
The web-application collects information of species (flora, fauna, mosses,
mushrooms) and habitats for (Swiss) nature conservancy agencies and other
interested parties. It's main features are:
- open to any relevant information
- simple import (so hopefully kept well up to date)
- easy export
- later on: api's to access the data

When someone wants to export data:
- he chooses a group (for example "flora")
- the application loads all flora species with all their information as
objects into memory
- the application dynamically builds two forms that both contain fields for
all properties of the objects. In one, the user can set filter criteria. In
the other, the user picks which properties shall be exported
- when the user adds a filter criterion the application loops through all
objects and eliminates the ones not fulfilling the criterion
- when a user adds fields the application creates a new array, loops
through all objects, creates new empty ones in the new array and adds the
properties chosen by the user
- now the user can download the data (which is converted to .csv)

The application is in development.
A preview is here:
And here: (unfortunately the readme is
in German)

It's a web-app. When it loads the 64 MB JSON-Data the task-manager (I'm on
Windows 8) shows negligible load (1% CPU-usage, 65 MB memory). In other
tasks I mass upload data from the existing Access-Database. This can crash
Chrome too (well not really crash: the data-upload stops because of memory
restrictions), but only when it goes over 1.2 GB of memory usage.

Loading all the data in objects enables dynamic filtering. I don't know of
another way to do this with couchdb (views are static). That's why all the
data is loaded at once.
It's a web-app and I wouldn't know how to grab more ressources.

I think my Chrome is 32bit. Not sure if 64bit exists?

@Jens: Where would the crash be logged? I looked in the windows
"ereignisanzeige" (probably "event viewer" in english) and nothing seems to
have been noted there.
By the way: Only the register containing my web-app crashes, chrome itself
remains stable.

I tried it with IE 10 now too. Works flawlessly, as in Firefox.
Seems like this really is a Chrome issue and has nothing to do with
CouchDb. Sorry for bugging you guys! Will look for a Chrome forum.


Alexander Gabriel
Wiesenstrasse 22
8800 Thalwil
079/ 372 51 64

2013/3/5 Jens Alfke <>

> On Mar 4, 2013, at 8:11 AM, Riyad Kalla <> wrote:
> > Your 64mb payload of JSON sounds like it is causing the chrome process
> > to run out of memory and crash; not a CouchDB issue.
> That seems unlikely; I’d be more inclined to believe it if it were 600mb.
> And if the OP’s browser is 64-bit then running out of memory is a thing of
> the past, at least till your boot disk fills up.
> It’s usually pretty easy to tell from a crash log whether it’s an
> out-of-memory error or not.
> —Jens (who once worked on Chrome, a long time ago)

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