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From Jens Alfke <>
Subject Re: Saving changes
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2013 02:27:09 GMT

On Mar 26, 2013, at 7:00 PM, Ethan <> wrote:

> Hi! I'd like to build an "offline replication" system for CouchDB.
> Basically, I'd like to build a system that can synchronize over an
> intermediary that isn't trusted (like a typical web host). Ideally, I'd
> grab whatever CouchDB sends over the wire to do replication, compress,
> encrypt, and sign it, and then upload it (say via SSH).

The replication protocol is interactive, so you can’t do things the same way. For instance,
a push replication first sends a _revs_diff request to tell the remote server which new revisions
it has that the remote _might_ be interested in; then the remote responds by listing the subset
of those revisions that it doesn’t have yet, and what prior revisions of those documents
it does have. Then the source PUTs the revisions one by one.

You could write something that would do this in a less-optimal non-interactive way. It would
remember the last time it synced to the target, gather up all the revisions that have happened
since that sequence, and bundle them up into a file. It would work fairly well if the target
server only replicates with the source server, i.e. it has no way to get these replications
from somewhere else. If you have a more complex set of replications, then the source can end
up sending way too much stuff because the target may already have gotten those same revisions
from somewhere else.

> I'm looking for
> more information on how to build something that does that. So far all I've
> found is

I’ve documented the replication protocol here:
The APIs that the replicator calls are all documented in the CouchDB wiki (partly because
I made sure to add documentation for the ones that weren’t documented as I ran into them):

> First, although _replicate can take "source" or "target" as URLs, anything
> that isn't an HTTP URL gets "invalid database". So much for replicating
> file:// :)

Well yeah; the destination has to be an HTTP server that handles at least the passive side
of the replication protocol.

> I thought I
> would try to do the same thing against CouchDB. When I do, the database
> hangs.
> r$ curl -vX HEAD

I don’t think curl likes -X HEAD. You should use -I or --head to send a HEAD request.

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