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From Daniel Gonzalez <>
Subject Ad-hoc filtering
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2013 23:50:28 GMT

It is not possible for me to define and manage all possible views that my
application needs. Each time that I need to access data with a new
filtering mechanism I have to:

   1. Check if that view, or a similar one, already exists. (How would I
   call this if I had created this half a year ago?)
   2. If it doesn't, I must create it (javascript, not my piece of cake. I
   am most of the time in python land).
   3. I have to push the new design doc to all my servers (did you also
   push to that-server-that-you-never-use? Do you really need to push this
   view to that server? I don't remember, really.)
   4. I have to trigger the new view (which can take some time in databases
   with lots of docs), in all servers.

So now you need to filter for False instead of True? Great! Rinse and
repeat! At the end of the day I end up with dozens of views, some of them
outdated, which I am not using anymore, but I am unable to maintain.

Besides, defining lots of views becomes impractical: the more views you
have in a design doc, the longer it takes a refresh when the design doc is
modified. And the more views, the more space the database uses.

At some point this becomes very painful. Which means that for some data I
just do client-filtering.

Very often I must perform the following operations:

   1. Access a view
   2. Filter the documents in the view according to some criteria (which is
   not supported by a view)
   3. Paginate the resulting documents

Since the filtering is done in the client, I am forced to get all
documents. I will discard most of them, but since I do not know which ones,
I still must get them all. This is very slow.

Since for some data I do view-filtering, and for other data I do
client-filtering, some operations are taking a very long time to complete,
whereas others are completed very fast. Which is confusing for the user.

It would be great if couchdb supported field filtering. For example I would
pass a dictionary like this: { 'available' : true, 'user' : 'user1' } And I
would get only the documents which satisfy the filter. Using a single view.
A simple "is equal to" operation for the given fields would go a looong way
to solve most of my filtering needs.

The view engine would perform the standard indexing, and the filtering
would be an extra layer (slowing things down a bit, probably). It would be
a compromise between view indexing and client filtering.

Does this mechanism already exist? Does it make sense? Would it ever be

Daniel Gonzalez

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