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From James Marca <>
Subject transient issue with big docs, view generating crashing
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2013 19:23:15 GMT
I have a wierd issue that seems to have gone away...  I am only
posting this because maybe there is a similar issue floating around,
and I *might* be able to get this to reproduce.  

I have a database with a bunch of little docs, and then two really big
files containing topojson data.  The two topojson files are
3.4MB...big, but not outrageous.  My dev machine has 4GB of RAM. 

I created the db by replicating from another much bigger database,
using filtered replication.

My local couchdb is 1.2.x (claims to be 1.2.2, I just rebuilt today
trying to work on this issue), and the remote machine is running 1.2.x
that claims to be Apache CouchDB 1.2.0a-df81c2a-git.

My issue *was* that running any view on the database would crash. Only
that database, all others were fine.  After downloading the latest
1.2.x from github, and recompiling, I still had the problem.  Then I
deleted the two big topojson docs, and the views worked fine.

So I started this email, and in trying to reproduce the issue, I
couldn't.  First, I had to get the topojson files back into the db.
because I deleted them, they wouldn't replicate from the source db
anymore, so I edited the files with the "deleted" revision number, PUT
them back in, and then the views failed to crash.  

I was thinking that perhaps the replication process got messed up,
except that the docs that I put back in are exactly the ones that were
replicated, aside from the fact that I edited and saved them with

I have one other dev machine running couchdb, and could probably try
to redo all the steps to get to the crashing views, but I only want to
deal with this if there is someone else is interested in debugging an
issue that has apparently gone away.

James Marca

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