FWIW:  BrowserID is now Mozilla Persona… and it is very awesome… especially if you understand how the security works by making it impossible for your IDP to track where you are logging in at (as opposed to OpenID and OAuth).

I use the plugin for my project (Learning Registry), however I strongly recommend that you NOT use the included browserid.js in your CouchApps or web apps, and link to the one provided by Mozilla.  They change it frequently enough that I've had it break authentication on more than one occasion which which required hacking the plugin.  The include is available via http and https.

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@ Marcus - Thank you for your strong affirmation. I suppose I might have
let the lack of "we have email confirmation" being spelled out on the main
read me page, throw me off.

BrowserID addresses _are_ email addresses, and the authentication is based on verifying ownership of the address. So any ID you get through BrowserID login is a verified email address.

BrowserID is very cool; I’ve been adding support to TouchDB and the Couchbase Sync Gateway (aka BaseCouch).