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From david martin <>
Subject Re: Documented API does not work.
Date Sun, 30 Dec 2012 22:48:30 GMT
On 27/12/12 05:14, Adam Kocoloski wrote:
> One of the few pieces of Erlang code I wrote did carefully try to catch such generic
exceptions, but I was told by the reviewer that it was “not idiomatic”.

Having tried for a long time to find reliable idiomatic code and the reasons for it being
idiomatic or not, it would be instructive to know what the code was, and why it was non-idiomatic.
 The case statement or the  function header statements are AFAIK meant to handle gracefully
all detected cases of error. What is non-idiomatic about gracefully detecting all known error
cases and reporting them in the most intelligible manner? Who is this reviewer?

I think we should be told and that the person responsible should write a guide to idiomatic
usage of Erlang. It will be a best seller!

This subject should really be put on the temporarily moribund erlang/couchdb list where the
most erudite statements are usually found.

Happy Mayan New year to all our readers


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