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From Dustin Sallings <>
Subject Re: Get all documents of a certain type.
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2012 01:03:27 GMT
"Kevin Burton" <>

> I thought the "or" you were referring to was the "or" that I said were the
> types of documents "product-xxx" or "order-xxx".
> If I have a view what would be the request and what would the view look
> like? If I didn't have a view what would the query look like? So two
> questions.

  The second was answered earlier.  It's the _all_docs query.

  The first would be a little be easier to answer if you could provide
an example document, but you'll have a mapper that looked something like

      function(doc) {
        if (doc.type === 'product') {
            emit(doc.sku, null);

  You would then save that as a design document and query query it.  If
you do this from futon, you can experiment interactively, and the click
on the little raw result tab thing in the top to get the URL you'd use
from your application.


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