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From bsquared <>
Subject Re: can replicator work with cookies somehow?
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2012 20:22:56 GMT
On 10/11/2012 06:45 AM, svilen wrote:
> i need to start replications on behalf of a user.
> i see there's basic http user/psw authtenticaion, and some form of
> oauth.
> basic http means i have to keep usr/psw around, and use them when i need
> replication.
> but i'd like to avoid storing that usr/psw.
> as i see there are cookies (via /_session), can replicator work with
> cookies somehow?
> or if not, how can i use oauth given there's no 3rd party involved
> (facebook/twitter/..)? e.g. some kind of degenerate made-up-myself?
> ciao
> svil
  I believe the credentials have to be supplied in the URL ie. 

There is a gist on github that covers the replicator db.


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