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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject Re: couchapp is deprecated in favour of erica
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2012 22:59:24 GMT
On 26 November 2012 21:55, Alexander Gabriel <> wrote:
> Hi
> I have developed two couchapps so far. Amazing technology! And easy enough
> for a hobby programmer like me to learn (in my "real" life I'm a biologist).
> Beyond being a noob I'm also  a windows user - and expecially: a unix- and
> shell-NOBODY. My experiences with shells have been rather painful so far,
> for instance with git or with curl. Seems like windows is a bad environment
> for curl - or shells in general? There were so many problems with using '
> or " or \" that I got lost, especially as it seemed that no code example
> seemed to run in my shell without radically changing all ' or " or \".

That is true. You have 3 choices:

- escape things referring to the unwritten laws [1]
- install mingw shell which is a perfectly adequate clone for most tasks [2]
- use a unix-like platform for development (join the dark side,
together we shall rule as one)

A fair bit of work has gone on for rebar & erica to work on windows,
we hope it will make your lives a lot easier.


> There also seem to be a lot of "magic tricks" that Unix users seem to be
> born with and usually are not explained in the documentation for shells.
> For instance I believe you often have to be in the exact right folder or a
> command to work.
> So I was extremely happy that there was a standalone executable for windows
> here:
> Will I have to learn dealing with a shell now?

I'm here to help if needed!

> Or will there be an executable for windows for erica?

Yes. There would have been one today except I found a bug in escript,
which I thought originally was my fault. Benoit's suggested how to
work around it, so I'll do that later this week. If you want to play
RIGHT NOW then you can use the functioning but verbose version [3]. It
just spits out lots of erlang messages before doing any real work:

=== PROGRESS REPORT==== 27-Nov-2012::23:55:13 ===
          supervisor: {local,kernel_safe_sup}
             started: [{pid,<0.63.0>},


Make sure you have the erlang binaries in your path. The easiest way
for this is to put erica.cmd in with couchdb.bat folder, and add that
to your path.

> And is there advice on how to change an existing project from couchapp to
> erica? Or is this not a good idea?

It shouldn't require any retooling on your end at all -- .couchapp
files and same layout are possible, as well as more.


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