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Subject Re: Get all documents of a certain type.
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2012 00:54:55 GMT
Hi to all,

I'm from The Netherlands, but try this in English.

I do follow the forum of Couchdb for about two years after reading an  
article of Jan Lehnardt of VPRO about it. I more and more get  
interested in using this for websites, but where do I start from?

Got two questions:

1. I guess that Couchdb could be very usefull in developing a job/cv  
website because of the different kinds of documents that are used  
around the jobmarket, e;g. doc, pdf, weblinks, twitterlinks, txt...  
Is this right and more usefull than php/mysql db's?

2. Where is the definite start to learn Couchdb, from first step? Is  
it comparible with php learning, is it a steep learncurve? Which  
skills does one need?

With best regards, Arthur

Op 7-nov-2012, om 1:09 heeft Kevin Burton het volgende geschreven:

> I thought the "or" you were referring to was the "or" that I said  
> were the
> types of documents "product-xxx" or "order-xxx".
> If I have a view what would be the request and what would the view  
> look
> like? If I didn't have a view what would the query look like? So two
> questions.
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> From: Dustin Sallings []
> Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2012 4:46 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: Get all documents of a certain type.
> "Kevin Burton" <>
> writes:
>> I am trying to learn Couch so what doesn't make sense of the "or"?
>   Well, as I said in the next sentence.  You can do it with or  
> without a
> view and in either case you can do it in one request.  You asked if  
> you
> needed a view or whether you could do it in one request.  I guess I  
> don't
> understand how you'd form that question.
> --
> dustin

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