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From Aliaksandr Barysiuk <>
Subject Rewrite adds quotes to parameters
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2012 13:53:44 GMT

I'm trying to create a rewrite rule for my view that looks like: /myview/3/["1","2"]/["1","4"].
Rewrite rule is:
     "from": "/myview/:group_level/:startkey/:endkey",
     "to":   "/path_to_db_and_design_doc/_view/myview",
     "query": {
         "group_level" : ":group_level",
         "startkey"    : ":startkey",
         "endkey"      : ":endkey"

The issue is that this rewire rule adds extra quotes to every parameter in the query.

Logged examples:

1) without rewrite (myview?group_level=3&startkey["1","2"]&endkey=["1","4"])


2) with rewrite (myview/3/["1","2"]/["1","4"])


So no results in second case.

Is there any way to avoid this extra quotes?



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