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From Mr Fluffy <>
Subject Re: _replicator table
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2012 17:02:14 GMT
No need to send, you were right on the money.  Duh, I had been staring 
and not seeing for too long.
Thanks for the pointer.  Let this sit in the archive as a lesson to 
other fluffy would-be dbadmins.

Mr. Fluffier.

On 21/11/12 16:48, Horsey the Magic Spark wrote:
> Dear Mr Fluffy,
> Could you show the requests you are performing? It seems you might be
> confusing the _replicate endpoint and the _replicator database.
> Regards,
> Sparky The Magic Horse.
> On 21 November 2012 16:39, Mr Fluffy <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm running couchdb 1.2.0, compiled from source on Linux RHEL6.
>> I am trying to find the programmable API for managing remote replication.
>> Per this doc,**, my replication
>> configurations should be appearing as docs in the _replicator database.
>> This works, /as long as I work through Futon/.  To cancel replication, I
>> delete the doc (through Futon) - setting 'cancel' to true, as specified
>> here**questions/7395259/listing-**
>> active-replications-in-**couchdb-1-1-0<>,
>> does not work.
>> If I post with curl, specifying source, target, and optionally _id ...
>> then replication kicks off, but no document is created in _replicator.  Nor
>> does the ondisk file change.  As such, I can only cancel by bouncing the DB
>> (which works because the replication hasn't been saved).  I cannot delete
>> the document, it just says 'not found'.
>> I have searched for mention of this elsewhere, but I cannot find threads
>> or posts of others seeing this.  Am I doing something silly?
>> Mr Fluffy.

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