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From "john.tiger" <>
Subject problems with jquery.couch / REST calls
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2012 19:07:45 GMT
trying to test out new CORS branch but not getting anywhere - we have a 
small login form with the submit button called by a jquery click command 
(which works with alert test)

here's different stuff that I have tried inside the button click to no 
luck - also I don't even see anything in the js console (so assume no js 
errors) and don't see anything in logs in /usr/local/var/log/couchdb  - 
in the home folder of the code the error log only shows missing favicon 
- any suggestions how I should be getting better log data as to what's 
happening or not happening ?

=> shows alert => button click is working

var form = $("form#login_form");
var doc = login_form_to_doc(null,form);
alert("form "+ JSON.stringify(doc));
=> shows content of login form => ok

var test = $.couch.db("testdb");
alert("db test " + JSON.stringify(test))
=> shows url of testdb => I think ok

   success: function(data){
=> no alert, nothing in logs

     alert("Data Loaded: " + data);
=> no alert, nothing in logs

   url: "",
   data: data,
   success: function(data) {
     alert("Data Loaded: " + JSON.stringify(data));
   dataType: json
=> no alert, nothing in logs

var db = "testdb";
var foo = new Object(); = "joe";
foo.password = "secret";
=> no alert, nothing in logs

   success: function(data){
   error: function(status){
     alert("login failed");
=> no alert, nothing in logs

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